Don’t throw out those old candles! Give them a makeover!

Wrapping used, ugly candles with decorative paper for a new look /



We seem to lose power quite a bit in the PNW.  And my candles tend to end up looking like this:



Wrapping used, ugly candles with decorative paper for a new look /


I actually don’t mind that look for Halloween, but for everyday use, I’d rather look at something pretty …  Pretty like this:



Wrapping used, ugly candles with decorative paper for a new look /



Before Christmas, I found this beautiful birch bark wrapping paper at Pier 1 — I don’t think it was more than $7.00.  I purchased it to make Christmas ornaments, and to wrap around old, used candles — (Is that bad that I thought it was too pretty to wrap a gift with?  While I would appreciate receiving a gift wrapped so lovely…my teenagers or husband? No way!! Plus, I think it would make me want to cry to see such beautiful paper all crumpled up in a trash bag!)



Don't toss out your old, used candles .. give them a makeover with decorative paper /



This is so simple, I am actually a little embarrassed to be posting about it. But the candles are too pretty not to share, right?!  And maybe everybody isn’t selfish with their wrapping paper like I am, and would appreciate the tip??! Anyhowwwww… just measure, cut, and roll it around the candle, adhering with double stick tape. To tie in with Valentine’s Day, I “prettied” them up a bit with ribbon, tags, etc. (You’ll probably see me wrapping them with gold ribbon next Christmas!!)  😀



Don't toss out your old, used candles .. give them a makeover with decorative paper /


Obviously, I won’t be burning these candles any more this year — paper, flame, not such a good combination!! But I got a little carried away and “wrapped” all my battery operated candles, as well!  We’ll still be ready for the next power outage. (Knock on wood).


Sorry, I couldn’t resist one more picture. Before Christmas I made up a bunch of snowmen and snowballs (with all Dollar Tree items!). Because it’s still winter, and we still have our hot cocoa station out, they’re still out. I just realized these would be a great “snow day” craft project with the kiddos–or maybe for a Frozen themed birthday party?!!



Don't toss out your old, used candles .. give them a makeover with decorative paper /



To make them, I first broke off the pointy ends of toothpicks to use as the nose and painted them orange– keep the middle part of the toothpick–you’ll use that later to “stick” the snowballs together. Then, take a Styrofoam ball and either paint or roll it in slightly watered down glue or Mod Podge … (FYI, I found it easier to stick a toothpick in whatever ball I was making, and using it to hold on to), while still wet, roll the ball in Epsom salts (I added glitter to mine to give it a little more sparkle 😉 ) …when they’re dry, just stick them together with tooth picks … insert some twig arms, and you’re done. Kids will most likely want to give their snowman “eyes” and “buttons”. I would suggest dipping the wood or plastic end of a little brush into the paint–makes perfect dots every time! I varied the snowman sizes, as well, to make a “family”. Would love to hear if anyone makes up some of these!  Crafting with kiddos is the best!


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  1. Go Hawks! We DO lose power often up here in the PNW, huh? I love this idea! I have a couple of candles that would benefit from this makeover right now! Pier One, here I come. Thanks for a brilliant idea!

  2. Great idea, I love that paper and will have to watch for it. You could even stick a little LED light inside one of the burned down candles. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What a great idea!!! So glad you shared this!

  4. Michele Hughes

    Cynthia, in one of your pictures, there is another picture in it that has some quotes on it. Could you take a picture of it and send it to me or could you just tell me what the sayings are??? Thx.

    • Michele, I think this is what you’re talking about–I’ll type it here in case any one else is interested, but will gladly send you a pix: “FAMILY RULES: BE HAPPY. ALWAYS TELL THE TURTH. GIVE THANKS TO YOUR FAMILY. LAUGH OUT LOUD. SEE THE WORLD. WORK HARD. SAY I LOVE YOU. ALWAYS SMILE. BE COURTEOUS. DREAM BIG. KEEP YOUR PROMISES. HELP OTHERS. BE GRATEFUL. SHARE. SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU. TRY NEW THINGS. USE KIND WORDS. GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. ” Every phrase is in a different font, and I just love it. It is def something I could have made, but it was super cheap, so I bought it. I’m pretty sure I purchased it at Home Goods. Take care!

  5. This is SUCH a smart idea! Thank you so so much for sharing it! I will definitely do this in the future. That birch bark paper is gorgeous. This would be perfect to “fancy up” new candles for gifts, too! Thanks so much for sharing at On Display Thursday!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and also for hosting, Bre! I loved your idea of making a bunting from old Christmas cards–just wish I had a whole punch! LOL Take care!

  6. This is such a clever way to spruce up older candles. Thanks for linking up to On Display Thursday.

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  8. Love what you did with this pretty wrapping paper…I wonder if I can still find some. Thanks for sharing at my party…come by on Monday because you will be featured at this weeks party:)


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