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I thought I better start this post with a pretty picture to catch your attention.  I’m currently writing this on my laptop staring at an empty closet.   And closets, while essential, aren’t typically the most interesting rooms in your house!



Updated master bedroom closet / Clockworkinteriors.com



But it is clean and fresh looking, isn’t it?!  Kind of makes me wish I didn’t have to fill it back up.   But that clothing rack in my bedroom is an eyesore, so I guess I’ll have to.   But before I do that, shall we talk about where this project started?


There are actually two closets connected to our master bathroom.   One is smallish, with a bad location (think Monopoly purple spaces.) 😉  And the other is large, with a great location.  Possibly the yellow spaces??!  Can you guess which closet was Hubby’s?   Of course you can!!   But wait for it …. I’ve invited Hubby to move up to Marvin Gardens!!    Shocking!!



Updating a builder grade closet / Clockworkinteriors.com



Before you think I’ve been inhaling too many paint fumes, hear me out.    Once we removed everything from both closets, it was obvious that they had become more “storage” closets than actually clothes closets.   It makes sense.   Neither Hubby or I have that many clothes, so our closets ended up being filled with all that “in between” stuff.   Stuff you can’t bring yourself to get rid of or you don’t want to permanently put away because you may need it in a couple of months.



Master bedroom builder grade closet is given a makeover / Clockworkinteriors.com



Now is a good time to purge.   Hubby’s work culture has changed dramatically over the years, and he seldom wears business suits anymore.  The majority were donated, and the few keepers went to the dry cleaners beause boy were they dusty!   I purged and donated as well, but it’s much more likely that my clothes will be ripped up and made into rag rugs.   (Check with your local charity shop.   I use to toss anything that had a little stain or rip, but now that I know there is a use for them, I donate all my old clothes.)



A builder grade master bedroom closet is freshened up with paint and stain / Clockworkinteriors.com



Once both closets were empty, we could assess the physical damage.   Painting the ceilings was numero uno on the list.   The photo below is of Hubby’s smaller closet.



Smaller of the two master bedroom closets / Clockworkinteriors.com



Then the molding, doors, and shelves got a fresh coat of paint.   If we hadn’t recently remodeled the master bathroom, it’s possible I could have skipped this step.   But if I had to paint the front of the doors, I’m going to paint the back.    Plus, who doesn’t love freshly painted woodwork?   If we hadn’t been having the rainiest winter ever, I could have sprayed the doors.  Luckily, I’m pretty good with a paint brush, so it wasn’t that bad.  But if you’re nervous about painting woodwork and doors, I would suggest you add Floetrol  to help the paint level out and to minimize brush strokes.



Giving 25 year old woodwork a fresh coat of paint / Clockworkinteriors.com


The primer looks so white, doesn’t it??    Pictured below is the same door after the walls had also been painted.  The trim color is a crisp white, but not too bright.



Updating 25 year old woodwork / Clockworkinteriors.com


The shelves were only difficult to paint because of their size and weight.   Why do I always start these projects when I’m the only one home??!!   Good thing I work out.   😉    Painting flat surfaces like these shelves is quick and easy with Painter’s Pyramid Stands and a small high density foam roller.    I just had a little assembly line going out in my garage.   Prime  …  dry  ….  flip  …  prime  ….  dry …. flip  ….  paint …. dry ….



Rolling closet shelves with a high density foam roller / Clockworkinteriors.com


The railings were stained in our bonus room, where I had another assembly line going.    A cleaning wipe, Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner, and a couple coats of Rust-oleum stain with an old sock was all it took to update these builder grade railings.    They look so much better now!



Staining builder grade closet railings / Clockworkinteriors.com



I know a lot of people wouldn’t paint their closet a color, but I just went to the trouble of painting all that woodwork.   I want it to pop!   We chose the same wall color as our bathroom.    Apologies again about the boring pictures.  It’s really hard to photograph a closet!



Giving a master bedroom closet a much needed makeover / Clockworkinteriors.com



And the final step was cleaning the carpet!   Years ago we bought a Hoover Power Scrub, and we’ve been really happy with it.



Upgrading a builder grade master suite closet / Clockworkinteriors.com



Do I feel it was worth the time and energy to update our closets?   Absolutely.  The only negative is now I’ve noticed that the pantry and downstairs coat closet need the same treatment.  :/  But that’s how it goes, isn’t it?  One finished project always creates another one!


I’m currently trying a new finishing technique on a couple pieces of furniture, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for them.  (Fingers crossed it’s not a Pinterest fail!!)   And I’m continuing to “play” with my camera.   I’ll close with a couple pics of what’s blooming in our yard.   D.C. isn’t the only Washington with cherry blossoms!  😀  Till next time, Cynthia



What's blooming in my front yard / Clockworkinteriors.com



God bless the original homeowner for planting these gorgeous trees!!



Spring blooms in the PNW / Clockworkinteriors.com



p.s.  As always, if you have any specific questions, just ask.   I read and respond to each comment.  😀


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10 Responses

  1. Linda C in seattle

    Hi Cynthia,

    Can you tell us what color is on the walls in the closet?
    My computer shows a pale lavender, but my eyes might be deceiving me.
    Long time reader …. seldom commenter.
    Gooooooo Mariners 🙂

    • Hi Linda! I appreciate your being a long time reader 😀 , and I apologize for the off photos. It’s really difficult to photograph in small spaces, especially when there is no natural light. The walls are actually SW Repose Gray, the same color as the bathroom. It’s a blue gray … definitely not a brown gray. Hope this helps. As soon as the sun comes out, I’m going to photograph the whole bathroom, because I just realized I never did a final reveal! And absolutely … Goooooo Mariners! Take care, Cynthia

  2. I’m thrilled I’m not the only one doing lots of painting! Your closet is coming right along. I wish we had a walk-in, but at least we each have our own closets!

    • Can you believe I invited Hubby to share it??! It’s the right call though. It’s pretty awesome having an extra closet devoted to just storage. 😀 And yes, Carol, the painting never ends. LOL Thanks for stopping by today. I’m looking forward to your room progress! Love your ORCs! Take care, Cynthia

  3. Kudos to you for tackling this project! My closet was painted pink by the prior owners. And not even a pretty pink. More of a Pepto Bismol pink:( But even after 13 years we have not painted our his and hers closets. You rock! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

    • Cynthia

      Oh Kathleen, that’s funny … a pink closet! I’m glad I tackled ours. It looks so clean and tidy, and encourages me to keep it that way. 😀 The only negative is now I notice how bad all the other closets are! Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll “see” you next week! Cynthia

  4. You did an amazing job out there.What I really liked about the post is the way you caught attention of your readers. ;).Always love reading your posts.

    • Cynthia

      Thank you, Joanna. Did you catch the Monopoly referance? tee hee. I sometimes wonder if people actually read the posts or just look at the pictures?? Hopefully a little of both. Take care, and thanks for stopping by today! Cynthia

  5. Painting is probably one of my least favorite things to do, purging is another. Sadly, I’m way behind on both. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Cynthia

      LOL. You’re so funny, Sandra! I won’t say purging is easy, but it feels so good to have a clutter free closet. And I definitely don’t miss anything I gave away. Starting room by room is what I’d suggest 😀 Hope you have a great week! Cynthia

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