Dollar Tree “Boo” Snake Wreath

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How to make a "Boo" snake wreath with Dollar Tree supplies /



If you’ve been visiting this site for a while now, it should come as no surprise to you that I love Halloween.   And I tend to go a little overboard decorating for it.  Even though it’s one of my favorite holidays, when it comes to the decorations, I’m cheap, cheap, cheap!   I refuse to spend a lot of money on decorations that will only be up for a couple of weeks.  Most of our Halloween decorations are things I’ve crafted or have bought at garage and/or estate sales.


I found this portrait of Medusa at a garage sale years ago, and I hang it on my front door every Halloween evening.   You’d think it would scare the little Kiddos, but they actually love her.  They ask lots of questions, and  I sometimes have to remind them to move along to the next house!


Garage sale portrait of Medusa was the inspiration for the grapevine "boo" snake wreath /

I wasn’t going to post about my “Boo” wreaths because it’s such a simple project.  But I just purchased an external flash for my camera, and I wanted to mess around with it.  (For the record, it was a dreary, dark Seattle day, but I think the pics look pretty bright!)

The grapevine wreaths and bags of Creepy Creatures (which are supposed to glow in the dark!) were purchased at the Dollar Tree.



Dollar tree grapevine wreaths which were purchased at Dollar Tree /




Glow in the dark centipedes, snakes, and scorpions purchased at Dollar Tree /


I wanted the snakes to stand out, so the first thing I did was spray paint the wreath forms with black matte spray paint that I already had on hand.  Once the wreath forms were dry, I randomly hot glued the snakes to them.  FYI:  The snakes are actually hollow, and I found it easier to put a bit of hot glue in a small area of the snake and press/attach it to a single strand of the grapevine wreath.


The “B” is actually paper mache, and I bought it at Joann’s craft store.   It also received a coating of black matte spray paint.  Once dry, I hot glued on some of the centipedes, and hung everything from my old (formerly green) bunk bed ladder with some super cute “Boo” Dollar Tree ribbon.






I’m still not convinced the project is “post worthy” … but I do love Halloween! 😉



Boo snake grapevine wreath made with Dollar Tree craft supplies /



The rubber rats, centipedes, and black cheese cloth were also purchased at the Dollar Tree store.  The candles and candle holders were all garage sale finds, and the cake platter (which is also a punch bowl!) was purchased at Target many years ago.



Halloween Vignette with garage sale and Dollar Tree finds /


And here’s a picture of the whole vignette:



Portrait of Medusa was the inspiration for "Boo" snake grapevine Halloween wreaths /



Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Hope your day is a pleasant one!  Cynthia


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How to make a "Boo" snake wreath with Dollar Tree supplies /



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  1. Love your BOO wreaths. You have to love the Dollar store for decorating things. Easy and inexpensive to create great wreaths and other Halloween decorations.

    • You are so right, Beverly. The Dollar store is the best for Halloween decorations. Thanks for stopping by today, Cynthia

  2. You have the best Halloween decorations. They are very fun and creative.

    • Awwww, thank you, Debra. And thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment today! Cynthia

  3. Cynthia, I love your Boo Wreaths! Great idea, inexpensive, and easy – that’s my kind of project. Pinning to share 🙂

    • Thanks, Marie, and thanks for the Pin. So nice of you to stop by today 😀 Cynthia

  4. I love your antique table.
    I’m looking for something like that. =)

    • Thank you, Meena. I’ve painted many drum tables over the years, but I can’t bring myself to paint this one … not for a while anyway 😉 Take care, Cynthia

  5. I also think that the Dollar Store has some of the best Halloween decor. I also love that you kept your vignette simple. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great week.

    • LOL … if you like simple, Sandra, you’d hate my Halloween mantle … it’s a bit much! LOL I do love the Dollar Store though. Thanks for stopping by and being such a supportive host! Cynthia

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