A Serpentine Dresser gets it’s Dignity Back with OFMP

Disclosure: The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company “OFMP” provided me with the paint necessary to complete this project, but all thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.



An antique serpentine dresser is given it's dignity back with Old Fashioned Milk Paint / Clockworkinteriors.com



Friends, do you remember an antique serpentine dresser in my furniture stash?  It was originally supposed to be an entry in the FFFC, but it had “issues”. Not only was it not a good fit for that month’s theme (and my paint color choice), but it’s drawers and back were seriously messed up.   Let me refresh your memory:



Giving a Serpentine Dresser it's Dignity Back with OFMP - Clockworkinteriors.com



Once the paper was removed, this is what the drawer bottoms looked like:



Giving a serpentine dresser it's dignity back with OFMP - Clockworkinteriors.com


And I like to think I’m a savvy shopper!   I’m blaming it on the serpentine drawer and slatted sides that drew me in.   The dresser was against a wall and they loaded it in my car, so I never actually saw the back.   And the drawer bottoms were covered with gross paper, that I really didn’t want to touch.  But even if I had had gloves on, would I have checked under the paper?   What if he thought I was rude to ask to see what was under the paper?  This is pretty ironic because I make anyone who purchases a piece from me open all the drawers.    Learn from my mistake, friends.  Know what it is you’re actually buying.  Ask questions if it’s not obvious.  It’s not being rude.  it’s actually being smart.   And by all means, if you’re going junking, always have a pair of gloves with you!    😀

After promising Hubby that I would NEVER again bring home a piece of furniture whose repairs were above my pay grade … (and for the record, Hubby, that antique school desk was purchased before this agreement!) … he made this wobbly, wreck of a dresser sturdy again.  He’s pretty awesome that way.  😀

I spent some quality time with my sander, and here’s what the dresser looked like after I had sanded down it’s top and drawers:



Serpentine dresser gets it's dignity back with Old Fashioned Milk Paint OFMP / Clockworkinteriors.com


Ahhhh, now you can see it’s potential!  The dresser top and drawers were given two coats of Rust-oleum Wood Stain in Dark Walnut, and sealed with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat.



Before and after of a serpentine dresser with Old Fashioned Milk Paint OFMP and stain / Clockworkinteriors.com


The body of the dresser was a perfect candidate for milk paint.  After checking out The Old Fashioned Milk Paint’s website, I thought it would be fun to mix up my own shade of gray.   And this is the color I came up with after mixing three parts Pitch Black and one part Snow White.  A stately bluish gray color … which looks an awful lot like OFMP’s Soldier Blue! … silly me!!:



Before and after of an antique serpentine dresser with Old Fashioned Milk Paint and stain / Clockworkinteriors.com


Because I didn’t want a lot of chipping on this project (and we can all agree it’s nice to be able to skip the sanding step) I added Extra Bond to the milk paint.    Here’s a couple work in progress phone pictures:



Before and after of antique serpentine dresser makeover with Old Fashioned Milk Paint and stain / Clockworkinteriors.com


I chose Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil to protect the finish of the paint.  If you’ve never sealed with Tung Oil, I highly recommend it! I just pour a little oil in a solo cup, and if my surface is flat, I “paint” it on with an old chip brush; if the piece has a lot of spindles, legs, etc., I like to wipe it on with a rag.  I also like to add a little mineral spirits to the oil to thin it out a bit.  But that’s just my personal preference.  In the photo below you can easily see which part of the dresser still needs tung oil.



Serpentine dresser gets a makoever with Old Fashioned Milk Paint, stain and Tung Oil / Clockworkinteriors.com


Once everything is covered with the oil, leave it be so the oil can penetrate and do it’s thing.  The container says for 1 hour, but I left the dresser for over 24 hours.  Then it was just a matter of wiping off any excess oil with a clean absorbent rag.  It really is that simple!  The Tung Oil soaks into the paint and wood to strengthen and protect. It doesn’t just sit on the surface.  Tung oil dries relatively slow, but it penetrates and dries to a durable solid finish.  When it’s fully cured, it should feel smooth to the touch and not the least bit oily.  (**I was a little heavy handed with the oil, and it took a couple of days to completely dry out.)


Pretty awesome before and after, don’t you think??!



An antique serpentine dresser is given an update with OFMP, stain, and Hope's Tung Oil / Clockworkinteriors.com


Even The Boy (who is a hard-to-impress college student) commented on how much he likes this piece.



An antique serpentine dresser is given an update with Old fashioned Milk Paint, stain, and Hope's Tung Oil / Clockworkinteriors.com



I have to say, it looks quite at home in my house.  Even though it was hard to photograph it in it’s current location.



Antique serpentine dresser is given an update with OFMP, stain, and Hope's Tung Oil / Clockworkinteriors.com



I ended up moving it into our hallway to get a few extra pictures.



Serpentine dresser is given a makeover with OFMP, stain and Hope's Tung Oil / Clockworkinteriors.com



I almost forgot!   We didn’t end up replacing the bottom drawer because look what was hiding under the paper:



An antique serpentine dresser is updated with OFMP, stain and tung oil / Clockworkinteriors.com



I know it’s not everybody’s thing, but I thought it was too cool to replace.




A serpentine dresser gets it's dignity back with Old Fashioned Milk Paint / Clockworkinteriors.com


Please let me know if you have any questions on painting with milk paint.  I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have!  Take care, Cynthia


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36 Responses

  1. Lisa Brown

    You did a beautiful job (as well as Mr Savvy) & I love the bottom drawer!!


    • That bottom drawer is cool, isn’t it?? Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment today. Take care, Cynthia

  2. Yes, I agree with the lower drawer staying the way it is! Absolutely a beautiful piece of furniture! 🎉🎉🎉🎉yeah you!

    • Thank you, Rebecca. You always leave the kindest comments. Thanks also for stopping by today. Take care, Cynthia

  3. This is beautiful! I love the combination of the gorgeous wood grain color and the milkpaint!

    • Thank you, Catherine! Milk paint is the perfect paint for old pieces like this, and the wood grain really matches our wood floors. I’m really happy I didn’t paint the whole dresser. Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Beautiful makeover, Cynthia. Love the dark walnut and blue combination! I don’t blame you for not wanting to replace the bottom drawer – nice surprise! Loads of work getting there but the results are so worth it. I like using either hemp or tung oil on certain pieces, so much easier than wax. Pinning to share 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Marie! You’re so right … tung oil is the best. Definitely my favorite top coat for milk paint. Hope you’re having a great week! Cynthia

  5. The bottom drawer was too cool to replace. I really enjoy seeing projects that start in a very rough condition. You saved a gorgeous piece from being used for wood, or totally discarded.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Leanna. And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment today, Cynthia

  6. This was well worth all of your hard work. The dresser looks fabulous. And the bottom drawer, wow!

    • Thanks so much, Debra. I actually decided to keep this one for myself! 😀 Take care, Cynthia

  7. Wow! You did a wonderful job. The dresser is stunning. I’d love for you to share it at our Monday Social.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Looks like I missed your party this week, but I’ll try to stop by next Monday. Thanks for the invite, Cynthia

  8. Cynthia I really love the blue and walnut combination. It is perfect for a young man’s room. You really saved this wreck and turned it into a beauty. I’ve never tried Milk Paint and want to but I need to get a hold of it first. And the oil is an interesting alternative to wax. Does it do the same job, and does it need to be reapplied every so often?

    • Thank you, Mary! I’ll answer your questions here, as well as send an email, in case you don’t check back. The OFMP does ship all over the world, so if you’d like to give them a try, contact them directly and they’ll can estimate what the cost would be. As for tung oil, I love it! It’s so easy to work with, and it really soaks into the milk paint, and doesn’t just sit on the top like some waxes do, with some kinds of paint. I would imagine after a couple of years, you could probably recoat it. But the best thing is Hope’s Tung Oil is 100 percent natural so no toxic chemicals. Take care, Cynthia

  9. Mary Molnar

    I love the whole thing, especially the bottom drawer!

    • Thank you, Mary! And thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope you found some other projects to check out, as well! Cynthia

  10. This dresser definitely got a new lease on life!

    • Thank you, Sandra. Isn’t it great that it’s not in a landfill? I’m proud of this rescue because it was definitely headed for the trash or burn pile. Hope you have a great week! Cynthia

  11. Oh Cynthia this turned out beautifully!! A true rags to riches piece 😉 I have made the same mistake before only to have to spend more time on repairs than painting! You did a fantastic job though. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs, Lisa

    • Thank you, Lisa! It’s nice to read that I’m not the only crazy one. 😀 But it’s usually worth it in the end, and I really do learn something new with each rescue. Thanks for always being so supportive. It’s appreciated! Cynthia

  12. Cynthia…
    Your blog post shared at http://www.fabifabu.com/2016/10/23/inspiration-galore-project-party-9/, is going to be feature in our next pty #10. Thank you for sharing and hope to see you next week.

    • Thank you, Fabiola. That’s awesome! I know you like OFMP as much as I do! 😀 Hope you’re having a great week, Cynthia

  13. Oh my stars Cynthia! She is a beauty! You did an amazing job on this one that’s for sure. I love the colors and the attention to detail. I adore this piece! I love Milk Paint. The colors are truly beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Carolann! Thanks for stopping by today. And you are so right … milk paint is the best! Hands down my favorite type of paint for furniture. Hope you’re having a great week! Cynthia

  14. Cynthia,

    Your dresser is beautiful! So much work, but so worth it.

    thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town.


    • Thank you, Gail! I’m usually teaching Tuesday evenings, so I’ve missed your party. It was nice to be able to visit again. Thanks for hosting! Cynthia

  15. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks so much, Val! And good luck on your project. Looking forward to seeing it! Cynthia

  16. I have that exact same dresser and it’s been a work in process for way longer than I want to admit. I love what you did with yours. I would never have though about combining the plain wood and your lovely blue, but now I’m thinking….. Originally planned to do it in red. You’ve inspired me to get it out of the storage building and get busy doing something with it. Thanks for the push.

    • Hi Sydney! I think red with a dark wax would look awesome with the dark wood. Get that beauty out of storage …. I’m sure you can make it lovely again. Thanks for stopping by today! Cynthia

  17. This dresser is stunning! The many hours of work you put into this piece was well worth it. It probably didn’t look this beautiful brand new. I’ll have to try milk paint.

  18. Oh my goodness!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope to find a serpentine dresser one day and hope that it grows up to look like yours! 😉

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