Repurposed Drawer to State Silhouette Tray – Thrift Shop Flip No. 4

Repurposed desk drawer into state silhouette tray /



Hello Friends!   I’ve got a real fun flip to share with you today, which I’m pretty excited about!



Repurposed desk drawer into state silhouette tray /



While repurposing a desk drawer into a serving tray isn’t anything new, I was pretty pleased with myself that I came up with the idea of adding a silhouette of Washington state without even so much as a glimpse at Pinterest!  😀


It all started with a visit to a reuse center where I picked up this desk drawer:



Repurposed desk drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



I knew it would make a perfect tray with the addition of some handles.  And as luck would have it, at the same reuse it center, I found these classic copper handles that actually fit the original hardware hole.  I wouldn’t even have to get out the wood filler for this project!   😀


It seems like I’ve been doing quite a bit of stenciling lately, and I wanted to try something a little different for  this project.   Because I’m trying to have a better attitude about the current state we call home, I thought an outline of Washington state would be fun.



A repurposed desk drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



My vision was to have the silhouette of Washington state be in a dark stain and paint the rest of the tray.  To accomplish this, the first thing I did was find an image online of Washington state.  Because of the tray’s size, I had to print the image on two pieces of paper, selecting “landscape”.



Repurposed drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



After cutting out the image, I traced it on to a piece of leftover contact paper, and cut that out, as well.  (If you’d like to see a similar use for contact paper, check out my Ballard Design inspired Jack O’ Lantern shades.  The only difference is for that project we drew the designs.)



Repurposed drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



Then it was time to stain the tray a nice dark walnut.   Once the stain was dry, I peeled off the backing and stuck the contact paper silhouette in the center of the tray.  I then gave it two coats of a custom mix of Maison Blanche Confederate Gray, Hurricane, with a touch of Bayou Blue chalk paint.



A repurposed drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



(Do you like how I’m working on the bonus room floor for this project?!!   Yes, Hubby was pretty “excited” about that, as well.   What can I say? — my craft table was too cluttered — truth!  🙁 )


Before the second coat of paint was dry, I very carefully peeled off the sticker with a pin.   Voila! It turned out exactly as I was hoping it would.  There was a tiny bit of bleed thru, but that’s what sandpaper is for, right??!!


A repurposed drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



This rustic tray needed a bit of distressing and some General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze to finish it off.


After attaching the hardware, this desk drawer was officially flipped for the total price of $7.00!



A repurposed drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



I think the copper hardware looks great with the dark gray.  I wish you could handle them in person — They are solid and heavy — nothing at all like it’s cheap, mass produced sister currently sold in stores.  Can you tell I’m completely smitten with my “new”  Washington state tray?!



Repurposed drawer becomes a state silhouette tray /



But wait …. there’s more!


Because the contact paper cut out was still sticky, I decided to reuse it and try to make some wall art for The Boy …. who just happens to LOVE  living in Washington state!



How to make state silhouette art without a cutting machine /



You can imagine how easy this project was.   I just took a painted canvas; attached the same contact paper cut out that I used for the tray; repainted the canvas; and before it was completely dry, lifted off the cut out with a pin … (Exactly like I did for the tray project.)  Super cute, right?!!



How to make a state silhouette canvas without the use of a cutting machine or stencil /



I also painted on a little heart where our town is located.   Do you know the easiest way to paint little hearts??  Just dip the wood tip of your craft paint brush in the paint — make two dots, and drag and connect them — all using the wood tip — works like a charm!!  😀



Hoe to make state silhouette art without use of cutting machine or stencil /


So …  with contact paper, an image, and some scissors, you can basically transfer an image on just about anything!  No fancy schmancy cutting machine necessary for these projects!  😉   Hope you’ll give it a try! Thanks for stopping by today!  Cynthia


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  1. Great idea for repurposing a drawer – and two uses of your State stencil – bonus.

    • Thank you, Joy. I was happy it worked out …. making your own decal is so much easier than stenciling! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I love how it turned out! Found you at the “trash 2 treasure party”. New follower and pinning this!

  3. Love this! And that it doesn’t require a silhouette machine to make it!

    • Thank you, Kate. And I couldn’t agree with your more — I hate when I get all excited about a project I see on Blogland, and then find out they’re using a machine. 😀

  4. This is such an awesome project, Cynthia – love it! Thanks for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party – I’m pinning it to my “Spotted at the VIP board here –

  5. Oh my gosh this is great! Today we see all kinds of things with various states painted on them. This is awesome, you used a clever process as well as repurposed goods. I was actually going to go to our Restore today, Now I’m really inspired! And I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of getting one of those expensive Silhouette machines but maybe now I don’t need one?!!! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm today! XoKathleen

    • Thanks so much, Kathleen! I’m a firm believer that crafting should be cheap and cheerful — not just for those who have money and space for such things! Good luck at your Restore today!! Take care, Cynthia

  6. This is a very smart idea. I love your use of contact paper. Pinning.

  7. Love this tray. Great job. I was actually out thrifting yesterday looking for a drawer to remake into a large tray, but no such luck. Yours looks great!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl. Have you searched for a reuse it center or salvage yard? Or even a ratty old desk or dresser? You may be able to salvage a couple of the drawers that way. Good luck on your search! 😀

  8. So creative. Are you not happy living in Washington? My daughter and son-in-law are set to move to Fort Lewis next Spring, I hope they enjoy it. Your tray is great, you really do inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing this one over at Celebrate it Sunday!

    • Hello Chloe! I’ll email you to make sure you get this — in case I forget — WA state is absolutely beautiful July through September — you can’t beat it! Unfortunately, we live in the Eastside of Seattle and it’s super expensive, which is a bummer — that, and the rain and gray get to me. It’s growing on me though … it’s growing on me …. or maybe that is just moss! haha 😀 I would think if your family is moving to a base, there will be tons of people who can give them the lay of the land. Take care, Cynthia

  9. What a clever use of an old drawer! I like how you used the contact paper for a decal too! So cute!

    • Thanks so much, Darrielle! I’m a huge fan of your furniture and painting abilities, so that’s a huge compliment coming from you! Take care, Cynthia

  10. I love this! I love old drawers for one thing and then I really like how you did the state! I’m in Washington too but down near Spokane.


    • Hello and Welcome, Tania! I don’t really know Spokane at all … but I’m guessing you get a lot more sun than Seattle does … lucky girl!! Thanks for stopping by! Cynthia

  11. Such a creative transformation.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  12. Great job, I love the idea!!

  13. It turned out great and I love the idea. Time for me to get busy with the mitten state!

    • Thanks, SAndra! Not sure which state is the “mitten” state, but it sounds like Minnesota where I grew up! haha

  14. Your tray looks great Cynthia! I love the addition of your state:). Pinning to our group board! I hope you are having a great week. take care, Tara

  15. I love this tutorial and will be trying it soon. You’re right! Cutting a stencil without a machine is such a simple thing that I’ve overlooked until now.

  16. Cynthia, this is such a cool idea!! Love how you repurposed this piece!!

    • Thanks, Keri! Old drawers make the best trays. Thanks for stopping by today! Cynthia

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