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Hey there!  I’ve got a super easy makeover to share with you today.  I’m calling it Thrift Shop Flip 8.5, because I’m using the two rustic round trays I previously flipped.  Do they look familiar?   They turned out so cute!  And I hinted that I would be doing something else with them:


Giving garage sale finds a rustic farmhouse update /


Here’s what the two trays look like now!


DIY Two Tiered Rustic Stand /



This stand would work great on my crafting table:



DIY Two Tiered Rustic Trays /



Not to mention the perfect place to corral all things necessary for those summer cookouts:



DIY Two tiered rustic serving tray /



This project was so easy, I’m not sure it needs a tutorial, but here goes.  The trays looked really cute with just the paint, but there is a really good chance this stand may be my new fruit stand.   We all know what happens to fruit in the warmer summer months. Adding the contact paper to the tray bottoms means they can always be wiped clean.   Plus, the marble pattern looks awesome!



DIY Two Tiered Rustic Tray /



I traced and cut out my two circles, but only attached the contact to the bottom / larger tray.   Then I headed out to the yard to find the perfect base for the top tray.  Initially I was going to use an amazing piece of birch, but I knew the peeling paper would be too tempting for all the “Fingers” in this house.  I found the perfect size stick in Hubby’s kindling pile.   The branch needed to be cut down to size, so we got out the miter saw.  I believe a hand saw would work just fine, but your cut may not be quite as clean.   My stick / base is pretty narrow, so with the help of our cordless drill, I pre-drilled two holes in the center of each end to prevent the stick from splitting.    Then, I found the center of the larger tray; marked it; and pre-drilled a hole there, as well.   FYI, an extra pair of hands helped to hold the tray steady while I screwed through the bottom of the larger tray into the stick / base.  

Now, flip your tray over and admire your straight stick / base.  😀  Now aren’t you glad you already placed the contact paper on the lower tray??   Can you imagine trying to get paper around that stick??!  My condolences if you forgot that step!

Then I took the top / smaller tray, found the center, and pre-drilled another hole through the tray.   Then I lined up the smaller tray with stick and drilled a screw through the tray into the stick base.  Again, a second pair of hands came in handy to help stabilize and hold the tray.   Apologies that I don’t have any pictures for the “tool” portion of this post, but there were no extra hands to hold the camera.  😉

Before I lined the top tray, I put a generous amount of gorilla glue over each screw.  I just want to make sure those screws stay put. Then I lined the top tray, cutting off any excess contact paper with my Exacto knife.



DIY Two Tiered Rustic Serving Tray /


(For your crafting convenience, I’ve included affiliate links to some of the supplies used for this project.  It’s possible if a purchase is made, I may receive a small commission, but this in no way affects your purchase price.  And please know I only link up products I actually use and like.  😀



Two trays.  I found my trays at a garage sale, but have linked similar trays I found online.  I think it looks pleasing to the eye if the trays are different sizes, but this is definitely not a requirement.

Contact paper.  I chose marble.


Stick from our backyard!

Miter Saw.  My Hubby has a miter saw, so that’s what I used, but a hand saw would certainly work.

Dewalt Cordless Drill


Gorilla Super Glue Gel

The hardest part of this makeover is figuring out where to permanently house this tray.  Seriously!   It looks great everywhere!!  Sweet Daughter of course wants it for craft supplies.  It looks pretty amazing on my kitchen island and table.  If Hubby hadn’t been in the midst of grilling dinner, I would show you how AWESOME (and useful) it is on his grill cart.  I took these photos in between painting our bathroom ceiling and crown molding, so this had to be a quick photo shoot.  (In case you missed the post, we’re in the middle of renovating our master bathroom!!)  😀  😀



DIY Two tiered rustic serving tray /



But we all know how purposeful multi-tiered storage is.  It’s everywhere.    And some of it is so overpriced, I just shake my head. Save your money, and make your own!   You may remember I found my trays at a garage sale for $3. If  you can’t find wood trays, what about metal tins?   I’ve yet to go to a garage sale where there hasn’t been a pile of tins for sale.  Sometimes they’re even free!  Or baking tins??   The metal would look so cool, you wouldn’t even want to line the bottom of your trays.



How to create a multi-tiered tray from garage sale finds /



How sweet are these little succulents I found at Trader Joe’s??!  They were only a couple of bucks … including the clay pots!! I’ve got them scattered throughout my home.    😀  😀


How to make a two tiered stand /



I’d love to hear if you make yourself a tiered stand of some sort!  Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Take care, Cynthia




How to make a multi tiered tray from garage sale finds /


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  1. Pin for later I did, Cynthia. Love your rustic version of the tiered tray stand!

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  8. Great thrift find and tutorial! I’m saving this one for when I thin out some of the “stuff” I bought while thrifting that I thought I couldn’t live without. Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

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  9. Tiered trays are so versatile and these look great.

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  11. i really like this ideas, thanks for sharing. i’m working as an architect, this job need so many pencils and sometimes i don’t know where i put them. so these tips help me so much. thank you again. xD

    • You’re very welcome, Robert, and thanks for stopping by today. Take care, Cynthia

  12. Oh that’s so awesome. I adore what you did with the round trays the first time and what you’ve done with them now. That branch is just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing on Sweet Inspiration

    • Thank you, Michelle! I think the stand now has a permanent home on my kitchen island holding fruit … I’m loving it, and you certainly can’t beat the price! 😀

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