How to Make Your Own Glass Glitter – Thrift Shop Flip #13

*** UPDATE:  Since originally posting, I’ve perfected my DIY method. Updates are noted with  ***.


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Have you crafted with glass glitter yet?  It’s truly made from crushed glass, and it sparkles like no other glitter I’ve ever crafted with.   Years ago I ordered 90 grit German glass glitter in silver, white and gold.   The 90 grit is very fine glitter, and I thought it worked excellent for paper crafts and small detail work.  But now I wanted chunkier glass glitter for some Christmas ornaments I’m making.  And I didn’t want to place another order.  But lucky for me (and you!) I found out it’s very easy to make your own glass glitter!!  So that brings us to Thrift Shop Flip #13 – How to Make Your Own Glass Glitter!




Tutorial on how to make glass glitter /



At my favorite junk shop, I  picked up two gallon size Ziploc bags filled with old glass Christmas bulbs.   I knew the bulbs would be just perfect for making chunky glass glitter.


 Let’s have the SAFETY TALK before we start.  We’ll be smashing glass, friends, so I suggest wearing goggles and gloves.   While I didn’t actually draw blood, my fingers definitely felt a little rough.  And when we’re all finished and  have that beautiful glass glitter, please keep it away from your little crafters.    Trust me, they will have just as much fun crafting with the cheap synthetic stuff!!  I am giving you the okay to be selfish with your glitter!!


To start, take off all the hangers, sort your ornaments by color, and make sure you don’t have any vintage Shiny Brights in your batch!  Alas, in the two big bags I bought, I only found one Shiny Bright.   But that’s okay.    We’re making glass glitter, friends, not talking collectibles right now!  😉




Tutorial on how to make your own glass glitter /



Then I got out my Jewelry Tools Steel Block and metal stamping mallet because I didn’t want to dent up my work surface.   But of course a piece of wood and a regular old hammer work just fine.




Jewelry and metal stamping tools were used to make glass glitter /



** I made a small envelope out of cardboard and duck tape for smashing the ornaments.    Put the ornament in the envelope and smash it.   After the first hit, I throw away the “neck” of the ornament, which for some reason is made out of thicker glass.  **   This process worked really well for me, but you’ll figure out what works best for you.  Once I was happy with the consistency, I poured my glass glitter in a plastic container and started the process all over again.



When my container was half full, I took the butt of my hammer and ground the shards even smaller.  Think mortar and pestle here!  (Trust me.   If Thanksgiving wasn’t right around the corner, and I knew I’d be crushing cloves for pumpkin pie, I would have gotten mine out immediately.)   If you have an extra one, go for it!!





Voila’!!    You have beautiful glass glitter all ready for your crafting needs!!      I made up silver and antique white glass glitter, and I also plan on making red, green and gold.     I’ll share some of the ornaments I made real soon.    I just wanted to get this post out to you ASAP in case you’re like me, and want to get your Christmas craft on!!     For those of you who have no desire to make your own glass glitter, I’ve included links where you can actually purchase it.  😉   But please let me know in the comments if you make your own.   I’d love to hear how it went!




Tutorial on how to make your own glass glitter /



Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with much love!  Cynthia



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20 Responses

  1. I am looking forward to seeing your glitter ornaments. I have done a few on porcelain ornaments that I painted. I think I used too much glue and it took them forever to dry.

    • You’ll have to watch for them, Charolette. I made doves, and they turned out beautiful. I usually water down my glue or Mod Podge a little bit when I’m using glitter. I wonder if that would solve your problem? Thanks for stopping by today! Cynthia

  2. Cynthia — Love this idea! Will be trying very soon! 💕💕💕Susie from The Chelsea Project

    • Susie, I won’t lie … it was kind of fun to be smashing things! LOL I’ll be looking for some glass glitter projects from you in the near future! Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Cynthia

  3. This is a fantastic idea. I will be giving this a try.

    • Thank you, Debra! I’ll be looking for some projects by you using glass glitter. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Cynthia

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  5. thank you!

    • You are most welcome, Barb. I’ll be sharing some glass glitter ornaments this week, so be on the lookout. Take care, Cynthia

  6. Although I recycle almost EVERYTHING, it never occurred to me to recycle broken ornaments. Seeing as I usually break a few ornaments every year, I may just have to try this! Don’t know if I can smash my .50/box of Wal-Mart shineys, but when I find the right project….Thanx for sharing this technique.

    • You are so very welcome, Kathy! Thanks for stopping by today, and happy crafting to you! Cynthia

  7. Someone just gave me a mortar and pestle set and I had no idea what to do with it. Now I HAVE to save it! Wonderful idea, Thank you!

    • Hello Kathleen! If you should decide to save your mortar and pestle for cooking, using the butt of my hammer/mallet worked just fine for grinding the glitter 😉 They do come in very handy for grinding nutmeg, saffron, etc. Thanks for stopping by today and happy crafting! Cynthia

  8. I love this idea, can it be any glass ornament or does it have to be old ornaments. Thanks

    • Hello Laurie! Mine were old, but I don’t know why new ones wouldn’t work … just make sure they’re glass. I got all excited when I went into Dollar Tree and saw all their bulbs, until I realized they were plastic. Happy crafting and Christmas to you! Cynthia

  9. Ooooooo the glass glitter looks so pretty Claire. I need to dig into our stash of baubles and see if there’s some I can smash up. Although I suspect I’m going to have to dig quite deep to find the glass ones.

    • Thank you, Michelle! I found my glass baubles at a junk shop. There always seems to be an assortment at garage sales, as well. No need to smash your precious ones 😀 Happy crafting! Cynthia

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  11. I’ve wanted to buy glass glitter for so long, just never got around to it since it pretty much has to be ordered — never knew you could make your own! Yours is absolutely beautiful:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    • Hi Kathleen! I just posted some ornaments that were made using the DIY glass glitter. They turned out very pretty. Hope you get the opportunity to make some. It’s so easy, and it sparkles like no other glitter. Thanks for taking the time to stop by today, Cynthia

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