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Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



As you may recall, Sweet Daughter’s bedroom recently received a mini-makeover. Her walls and woodwork were given a fresh coat of paint. You can read about that here.  Part of the makeover included giving some old pieces in her room a completely new look.  The photo below is a great before …. it actually shows a bit of the orange woodwork — yikes!:



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



In full disclosure, I admit I had an internal wince when my daughter chose Hemnes Ikea furniture for her bedroom four years ago. Okay, it might have been more than an internal wince, but she did snicker at the first set I brought home — a lovely suite of vintage Dixie French Provincial pieces. Even though she sure didn’t appreciate want it, I couldn’t bear to part with them. (They were immediately painted a lovely Duck Egg Blue, and live happily ever after in our guest bedroom.  😀 )


I couldn’t even persuade this strong willed 10 year old to at least pick out the white suite.   Nope, black it was.  To be fair, the black furniture actually looked quite pretty with her ice blue walls, and white accessories.



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



Flash forward to 2015  … Sweet Daughter (who is still very strong willed!) decided that her Hemnes nightstand needed a makeover …. music to this mama’s ears!! 😀  She wanted to customize it with a rustic wood top and paint it white, so that’s exactly what we did!



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



Unlike her mother, Sweet Daughter knows her way around power tools!   She has two whole years of Tech Ed under her belt, don’t you know!!



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



She basically assembled a slatted box top to be attached over the existing Ikea top.  She first measured the width of the existing top.  Using that measurement, she added an 1/8 inch and cut the amount of boards needed to cover the top horizontally — in this case 5.  The pieces were then glued and clamped together.


Now time for the sides. She wanted mitered corners. To do this she cut four pieces of edging, which are the width of the new top plus two times the thickness of the edging. The added width allows for the mitered corners. Setting your saw at a 45 degree angle, cut the ends of the edge pieces the required length. The inside edge should be the length of the table top while the outside should be the top plus two times the thickness of the edging. Once the top is dry, glue and clamp the edge pieces to the top piece.

An easier option is to cut two pieces the width of the new top and two pieces the width of the top plus two times the thickness of the edging and just glue, nail and clamp the edges/sides to the dried top — your edges will be raw, so this is a great option if you like a more rustic look.



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



After the glue was dry, she stained the top with Minwax Wood Finish in Early American, and gave it a good sanding for a distressed, weathered look. It was then glued onto the original Ikea top.  I love how chunky and thick the top is now! Didn’t she do a great job??!!



Clockworkinteriors.com - Daughter made the rustic wood slat top with mitered corners.



While Sweet Daughter was building the top, I removed the door and hardware, taped off the inside, and gave everything two coats of an “oops” white paint.  Thank goodness I checked in with my “client” before I actually took a brush to the nightstand …  I was all set to use white milk paint and hadn’t prepped the piece at all. Chipping paint was definitely not her vision, so I ended up making my own chalk paint by adding Plaster of Paris and water.  FYI — If this was a piece I planned on selling, I would have ordered my paint  from Amazon or made the trip to the shop for proper furniture paint — work smarter, not harder, right?! But because we were in a hurry to get her room put back together, homemade chalk paint it was.



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



We were pleasantly surprised that the white paint only took two coats to cover up the black!  Once dry, it was sanded super smooth and lightly distressed.  (The fact that I got the easy part of this project is not lost on me!! 😀 ) A clear glass knob is the perfect juxtaposition for a rustic and chic look!



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



Sweet Daughter has great ideas, and it was fun to work on a project together!  😀  I definitely see more collaborations in our future, and am pretty sure that I will be happily working for her some day!



Ikea Hemnes Nightstand Hack / Clockworkinteriors.com



And yes, of course, she designed and made the pillows herself — clever girl that she is!


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  1. Wow Cynthia, your daughter is SERIOUSLY talented! Impressed the *you know what* out of me.

    • I know right? I’m totally serious when I say I’ll be working for her some day! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Marie!

  2. What an amazing transformation! I’m totally swooning over that top 🙂

    • She really did do a great job –can’t tell you what a proud mama I was watching my girl using power tools! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Beautiful! I especially love how the sanding really brought out the woodgrain on the top. It’s a great contrast.

  4. What a beautiful transformation !
    And I love those pillows too 🙂

    • Can you believe she made those stencils herself with waxed paper?!! Much better with an exacto knife than her mother! haha THANKS for stopping by, Suzan!

  5. This looks awesome! And so impressed that your daughter did this on her own!

    • Thanks so much, Falon — I’ll be sure to pass on your kind words to my daughter! 😀

  6. Now I want to “hack” something too! This looks awesome now! Well done!

  7. I love that this was a mother/daughter project. What a fun way to spend time together. I’ve been repainting our house room by room after 9 years in it! What color is your daughter’s room? I like it! I’m learning though that the color becomes a lot darker once on the walls! #sundaysdownunder

    • Hi Angela! The wall color is SW Light French Gray, and it looks really pretty with her white, black and rustic accents. I’m with you on getting the right shade — I was a worried it would be too dark, but once the woodwork was painted white, it’s a very serene color. Good luck on your painting projects! Cynthia

  8. The top is just stunning! Great makeover, went from boring to beautiful!

    • She did a great job, didn’t she?! She’s now putting her skills to work on drama sets! 😀

  9. JaneEllen

    Holy cowslips, what a camp at those power tools. I would not know how to do what she did expertly, am embarrassed to admit.
    That top for nightstand she made as well as pillows are incredible. Are you two going into business together? Like tomorrow?
    You must be one very proud Mom. I’d be proud of myself if I could do what she did. Looks like she’s been paying attention when you did projects. Have great week.

    • Awwww, thank you so much, JaneEllen. I am a proud MaMa. She learned her way around power tools with two years of TechEd, and now she’s in a theater Tech class, building play sets, etc. But “her” thing is original handmade plushies … any time you see a piece of furniture staged with stuffed animals, they’re her creations! 😀 I definitely hope to be working for her some day! 😀 Thanks again … your kind words are appreciated! Cynthia

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