How to Transfer an Image using Freezer Paper


Using the freezer paper transfer method to update a garage sale tray /



Hello friends!    I hadn’t planned on taking a blogging break, but when the job that actually gives you a paycheck gets busy, unpaid hobbies get put on the back burner.   I’m sure you can relate!   Even though I was crafting and creating like crazy, nothing was documented other than the occasional Instagram or Facebook picture.  With that being said, I do have a fun project to share today, and I’m so glad we’re both here!



On old china cabinet is updated for bathroom storage /



In the past year I’ve shared numerous ways to transfer an image.  I’ve used stencils; reverse stencils made out of contact paper; the chalk transfer method.  I even shared how I made my own stencil.   Well, today I have another transfer method to share with you.  This time we’ll be using freezer paper!   This method has been around for a long time, and I didn’t create it, but maybe it’s new to some of you??   It’s so easy, and it can even be used on fabric!

Okay.  Another reason I haven’t been posting.   All of my “before” pictures were deleted from my camera!!   Apologies for no actual before picture, but here’s the skinney.   I picked up an old dark tray at an estate sale for $5.  It’s a light weight cheap reproduction, and it was in rough shape.  But it has interesting details and is a great size.  I knew with a little paint and a French design it could be elegant again.  I thought I could use it in my newly remodeled bathroom.   Plus it passed the “Latte’ Test”.   “What’s this test” you ask?  Well, when I’m out thrift shopping for home décor items, if I think something is overpriced, if it’s cheaper than a latte’, I’ll usually buy it.  Truth:  This tray was $5, which is slightly more than my grande nonfat no foam extra shot latte’, but no way was I not going to buy it.  I might be cheap, but I’m not stupid!  LOL  😀

After a good cleaning, I gave the tray two coats of leftover paint from the interior of my bathroom storage cabinet.   The color is SW Repose Gray mixed at 50%.   When the paint was dry, I gave it a quick distressing with 220 grit sandpaper, and a wipe down with a tacky cloth to remove any dust.   The tray is now ready for an image!


It didn’t take long on The Graphics Fairy site to find an image that would be perfect for a bathroom tray.   Remember, if you plan to transfer an image with words, you’ll have to “mirror” the image. This website is so awesome, many of the images have the mirror image all set for you and are printer ready.  😀   Here is the image I used for this project (for reference only).  Please pin/copy directly from The Graphics Fairy because it’s her image. Thank you for following this courtesy. 


The Graphic Fairy




The Graphic Fairy



Important TIP  For this transfer method, we are essentially “transferring” the wet ink to the painted surface of the tray via the freezer paper.   If the ink dries, No Bueno.  You’ll need to have everything ready and waiting for when you hit that print button.  You will not have time to go on a search for painter’s tape, etc.  And it’s best to work on a sturdy, flat surface.  (In my case, I worked right on the office floor because that’s where our printer is located.)  😀


Reynolds Freezer Paper (plastic coated for arts and crafts)

I’ve got my image, so now it’s now time to get the freezer paper ready to print.  I found it easiest to “loop tape” the freezer paper (shiny side out!) to a sheet of printer paper and cut off the excess.  This extra step will help the freezer paper feed through the printer.   You could probably use a glue stick, as well.  Remember, we want to print on the shiny side of the freezer paper.  So place the freezer/copy paper combo into your feeder tray accordingly.   Print.


Being careful not to smear the wet ink, carefully place the paper face down where you want your image to be.  (I like to tape it in place with a bit of painter’s tape.)   Carefully use a credit card, spatula, big spoon, etc. to rub over image to transfer it to your surface.   To help reduce smearing, rub in one direction.   Once you’re confident the image has transferred, carefully lift paper.   Voila!  Transferred image!


Now the hard part.  Let it be.  I wouldn’t touch it for at least 24 hours.   If your finished project will be hung on the wall, not touched, etc., I’d say you’re done.   But if you want to protect your image, give it a quick light coat of spray polyurethane.  It’s possible that even with the extra drying time, wax could smear the image, thus the spray.

It’s a pretty tray, but it needs something more.



Using freezer paper to transfer an image onto a garage sale tray /




The tray was looking a little too new to me, so I aged it with a quick coat of Daddy Van’s Antique Brown decorative wax.   Have you used / heard of Daddy Van’s wax?  It’s AH-MA-ZING!   It’s made with all natural products, so it’s 100% chemical and solvent free.  You can even get lavender and orange smelling wax!   😀




Using the freezer paper transfer method to update an old tray /




I applied the dark wax lightly over the entire tray, and then “smooshed” more wax into the raised details.   Poof … instant aging, and yes, it’s that easy.  And yes,  I’m that technical!  LOL   Remember, I had already sprayed the tray, so it’s base color didn’t get too dark.  If you are working with a lighter paint color, I don’t recommend applying a dark wax as your first coat of protection.  It could drastically change your paint color, and you wouldn’t be happy.  You’ll have better control and a nice even finish if your first coat of protection is a clear one.   The goal is to age your piece, not give it a giraffe finish!  😀



Garage sale tray is updated with pait, freezer paper transfer image and dark wax /



Here is the finished tray!  I love it!  It’s the perfect bathroom accessory.  I now realize I’ve never shared the completed bathroom with you.  So sorry about that!  I’ll try to take pictures on the next sunny day.  It’s pretty.  You’ll like it.  I’ll keep the post real, and will give you tips on where I feel you can save money, in case you’re considering your own remodeling project. 😀   Take care, Cynthia




How to transfer an image with freezer paper /



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  1. Great idea and I pinned and shared it. Goes great with my post on art!

    • LOL … I just read your post, and thought the exact same thing! Thanks for stopping by and for the share. Take care, Cynthia

  2. I love it against the vibrant blue! Great tip!

  3. The tray looks fantastic. I have used Daddy Van’s wax and like it very much. I have it in clear. There are so many great products out there.

    • It’s awesome, isn’t it?? Love using an all natural product! Thanks for stopping by today, Debra. Happy New Year to you! Cynthia

  4. Your painted tray looks beautiful, Cynthia! This is one of my Go To image transfer methods – so much easier than handpainting the graphic onto the surface.

    • Thanks, Marie! You’re so right. When there are this many details, put the paint brush away, and grab your freezer paper! Hope your New Year is off to a great start. Take care, Cynthia

  5. I love this idea! I’ll be pinning this for further reference.

  6. Wow! I really love how the tray turns out. You’re really brimming with creativity.

    • Thanks so much, Richard, and thanks for stopping by today! Take care, Cynthia

  7. Cynthia, I really love this technique–it’s new to me and I can’t wait to try it! Pinned!

    • Yay! I was hoping the freezer paper transfer method would still be new to some. It’s so easy … you’ll love it! Thanks for stopping by today, Cecilia! Cynthia

  8. Cynthia, this is a great idea! I’m too intimidated to try the other methods – let’s face it, my normal writing looks like my chickens did it – but this I can do. And I love The Graphics Fairy. Thanks! ps – your blue cabinet always makes me happy. Love it!

    • Thanks, Kim! I think we need another crafting session and lunch real soon!! I’ve got lots of freezer paper! Thanks for taking the time to comment today, Cynthia

  9. Such a great idea and it looks amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

    • Thank you, Cindy! You always host such a pretty party. Hope you have a wonderful week! Cynthia

  10. Cynthia, My daughter wants to transfer an image to her Converse canvas high tops. Will this method work for that?

    • Hello Michelle. What a creative idea! While it might be a little awkward because of spacing, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. I’ve used the freezer paper transfer method on drop cloth material with good results. Because you have to work really fast so the ink stays wet, I’d have her first practice on some scrap fabric. Also, once everything has dried for at least 24 hours, I’d try to “set” the fabric with a hot iron … obviously not using any steam. 😀 I’ve also sent you an email with this response. Happy crafting to you and your daughter! Cynthia

  11. Gorgeous! Looks easily (fairly) do-able. Thankyou!

  12. Another great project, and perfect piece for staging all your lovely blue pieces, featuring your project tonight at #fridaysfurniturefix!

    • Thank you, Brenda. You made my night! The tray is an awesome size. I have a painted stool by the tub and I’m always climbing up to get the tray down to use. It’s great for towels, book, glass of wine … 😀 Hope you have a lovely weekend! Cynthia

  13. great project, loved the sea blue color

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