Coffee Filter Wreaths and Simple Winter Decor


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Well so much for focusing on furniture projects like I planned!



How to make a coffee filter wreath /



While the rest of the United States was getting snow, the PNW was getting rain.  (Shocking, I know … Have I mentioned that it rains a lot in Seattle?!  According to my husband, I mention it quite a bit!)   Not very conducive for painting in the garage, so my week was spent playing with my new camera, working on my Zumba playlist, and a little bit of crafting.



How to make a coffee filter wreath /



One of the crafts I completed was a couple of wreaths made out of coffee filters.   (Man, that sounds way too “crafty”, even to my ears!!)   Actually, they are really quite pretty.  Some might even call them “elegant looking”.  😉



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Because there are so many tutorials out there in Blogville, (that’s my word, by the way) 😀 I never planned on sharing this project.  But I needed to play photographer with my new camera, so I thought I might as well document it.   (Wouldn’t it be cool if in six months time, I’ll look back at this post and think, boy have I come a long way since photographing coffee filters!!)   It’s important to have goals, right??!



How to make a coffee filter wreath /



FYI:  As I mentioned, (for the last time, I promise!!) It was raining, dark and very gloomy when I took these photos.  I was practicing trying to capture the “illusion of a light filled room”, when in reality, it was the exact opposite.



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Let me just say that making the wreaths was far easier than trying to capture a “light filled” room!



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The supplies needed to make a wreath(s) are a hot glue gun and glue sticks, coffee filters  ….  lots and lots of coffee filters … and a wreath form, and a ribbon to hang it with (optional.)



How to make a coffee filter wreath /


FYI:  The small green Styrofoam wreath form and the coffee filters are from The Dollar Tree, and the larger straw form is from Ben Franklin and Crafts.   To get started, separate the coffee filters; place a pencil in the center of the filter and “scrunch” it. Assemble a huge pile of the scrunched filters.    (Sorry, I didn’t count how many filters I used, but I’m guessing at least 200 filters for the two wreaths.)



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Once you have your pile of “scrunched” filters, you are now ready to hot glue the filter to the wreath form.  I found it easier to bend the tip a bit, and then place the hot glue on the bent tip, and attach it to the wreath.  Lather, rinse, repeat baby!!   And please be careful with the glue gun…that glue is wicked hot!!

Apologies that I don’t have a photo of the actual assembling of the wreath.  My friend Kristi and I both made wreaths at my crafting coffee, and I got too busy talking and totally forgot to take pictures!  We all know how glue guns work, right?  The only tip I can add is it’s not necessary to glue the filters to the very edge of the wreath because the filters are so fluffy — especially in the center hole.  (If you glue all the way to the very rim, your wreath won’t have an opening!)


I left my wreaths au natural, but you could certainly take a scissors to them if you want a more uniform looking wreath.



How to make a coffee filter wreath /



This Valentine’s garland was made last year with Dollar Tree hearts and some old book pages.  I hung it with some jute ribbon hot glued to the back and added little bits of coordinating fabric for a cozy look.



How to make a coffee filter wreath /




How to make a coffee filter wreath /



Are you ready for some additional winter décor ideas that will literally take minutes??   I just bought some Christmas clearance ribbon at Ben Franklin and Crafts for I think 80 or 90% off retail?!!   You’ll definitely be seeing this knit ribbon next Christmas on some projects, but I thought it looked kind of cute on some Dollar Tree candles that I already had.



How to make a coffee filter wreath /


Or how about wrapping some Dollar Tree candles with a little wrapping paper and/or ribbon?  These were all items already in my craft stash.  It feels so good to be using it.



How to make a coffee filter wreath /



And last, but certainly not least, do you remember earlier in the year when I shared some upcycled organizational projects??   One of the projects was repurposing an old desk drawer as under-the-bed storage.  I had mentioned that I thought it would make a great centerpiece, and turns out I was right.  Here is it’s current “Winter” look …. (which is very similar to it’s “Christmas” look, minus the ornaments!!) 😉



Upcycled desk drawer tablescape ideas /



Pinecones and greenery collected from the back yard and a little ribbon tied around candles and some mason jars.   Doesn’t get much simpler than that, and it took less than five minutes!



Upcycled desk drawer tablescape ideas /


Yes, I’m pretty sure The Daughter isn’t getting this back!



Upcycled desk drawer tablescape ideas /



Thanks for indulging me with all the pictures in this post.  But I was having so much fun with my new camera …. And this mama needs practice!!  Hope you have a wonderful week!  Cynthia


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  1. Well, I grabbed one of those pretty photos and am pinning it to share your coffee filter wreath! The photos look great and speaking from someone who got a new camera Christmass 2014 and then took a local photography class, you WILL look back at these photos (as good as they are) and will amaze yourself at how far you’ve come in just one short year. Composition, Bokeh, Light, Shooting in Manual, and the list goes on. Have fun playing with your camera and sharing your journey with us Cynthia! (psssssst, fill in the Alt Text on those lovely pictures so when we share them, it tells the world exactly what each one is about)

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Marie! They mean a lot! As for the Alt Text box …. I see what you mean. But have I mentioned my resume is on a floppy disc? It seriously is. Maybe I can bribe my daughter for some web assistance! 😀

  2. The wreath is so beautiful! I can’t believe it’s made of coffee filters. That pine sprig drawer is so elegant, the pictures are really good too!

  3. What a crafty week for you! Being stuck inside has its perks. I love the wreath!

  4. The wreath turned out wonderful! I also like the garland you made.

  5. These are quite lovely, and quite “elegant looking” as you say! 🙂

    On another note entirely, as you play with your new camera one series of tutorials that I found INCREDIBLY helpful when I was learning my camera and the exposure triangle, and everything else! : Darcy walks the reader through the basics in a friendly, easy to understand way, and she’s funny too. Good luck to you as you play and I look forward to seeing furniture projects ! 😉

    • THANK YOU, RACHEL! I had actually pinned Darcy’s series, but then I found The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby and have been reading that. Thanks for reminding me of Darcy’s tutorials! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Cynthia

  6. The wreath looks great! You would never gues it was made with coffee filters.

  7. Looks great -both the wreath and the pictures! I am still a little afraid of the hot glue gun, mine always seemed to jam up and then I would burn myself

    • I’m with you, Jennifer … I try to avoid my hot glue gun as much as I can…unfortunately for this project, it was a necessary evil. Thanks for stopping by today!

  8. I have always wanted to make one of those coffee filter wreaths! It looks wonderful and I am sure would look great year round. I really like the valentine banner you made too. Pinning:). Hope you are having a great week. Take care, Tara

    • Thank you, Tara, and pin away! Now that Marie, the Interior Frugalista, clued me in on the ALT text, you’ll actually know what you’re pinning! haha Take care, Cynthia

  9. The wreath is so fluffy and full, it looks like real flowers. Beautiful post and thanks for linking up at Celebrate Your Story.

  10. Nicely done! Thank you for sharing at the Celebrate Your Story Link Up Party.

  11. What great projects, Cynthia! Love them all and sharing on the Fab Friday Link Party! That coffee filter wreath is sooooo awesome! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

    • Thanks, Suzanne, and thanks for the feature! That’s awesome! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, as well! Take care, Cynthia

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