Clay Candy Christmas Ornaments

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Tutorial on how to make polymer clay Christmas candy ornaments /


     * Hello Friends!  I originally shared these hand made clay Christmas ornaments in July.   As it appears, folks aren’t really into crafting for Christmas in July.  (I hope you were all on vacation having a grand old time!) If Pinterest and Blogville is any indication, Christmas is exploding right now.  I know some of my readers are crafters, and would possibly make these ornaments,  so I’ve decided to reshare this post.   Hey, sharing is caring, right?!  😉  Hope you get your craft on!  Cynthia


Christmas craft in July??!   It’s really not as crazy as it sounds.  What’s really crazy is trying to craft right before Christmas; and then blog about it.  Trust me, I know from experience.  And besides being super cute, this project uses polymer clay, which is stocked in the stores year round.  😀

We actually did make up quite a few of these last November, but even then, I didn’t have time to actually post about them …. or mail them to the cousins … or take a picture of them on the tree!   Let’s show everyone how organized we are and get our craft on in July!  Here’s the supplies we used to make these Christmas Candy / Bonbon / Truffle Ornaments:


Supplies list for tutorial on making clay Christmas candy ornaments /



Polymer Clay in brown, green, red, white, and transparent.  FYI:  FIMO brand also has a “FIMO EFFECT” line, which has a touch of glitter in it.  We used that for all the colors, with the exception of the brown clay.

Reynolds Wrap or any tin foil.

Wilton “Baking Cups” in silver or gold.

Clay tools, if you have them.

Oven and baking tray.

Super Glue or Gorilla Glue.

Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Smallest eye hook that you can get your desired ribbon through.

Liquitex or sealer of your choice and an artist paint brush.  (FYI:  This step is optional.)

Coordinating ribbon of your choice.  We used baker’s twine and an Offray metallic craft ribbon.


Step 1:

FYI: It’s possible clay will stain a surface.  My crafting station is white,  (and I want to keep it that way!) so the very first thing we did was lay down a piece of parchment paper.  Using your baking cup as a guide, determine how large you want your candy piece to be.  (We decided we wanted rectangle pieces of chocolate, even though our baking cup is round. But round would be super cute, as well.)  Then take a piece of tin foil and scrunch/mold it into your desired shape of chocolate.  I’m going to show you another picture right now so this makes sense to you!!



Tutorial on how to make clay Christmas Bonbon / Truffle ornaments /



My Sweet Daughter is so smart!!  I would have just molded a whole lump of brown clay for the piece of chocolate, but she wisely pointed out what a waste of clay that would be.  Not to mention it would make for a very heavy ornament.   So we will be assembling our chocolates OVER the piece of tin foil!    You’ll now need to soften up the clay you’ll be using to make your ornaments by kneading, mashing, squishing … however you soften up clay when you’re working with it!  FYI: I found the brown to be quite a bit  “harder” than the other colors, and we had to work it longer to soften it up.


Step 2:

Roll out your pieces of “chocolate” and “wrap” it around your piece of tinfoil; cutting off any excess clay, which can be re-rolled — just like cookie dough! 😉



Tutorial on how to make clay bonbon / truffle Christmas ornament /



Step 3:

Before baking, determine where you want the eye hook to go, and make a little hole.  From the photo below, you can also see that we manually manipulated the “circle” baking cups into more of a rectangle shape.



Tutorial on how to make polymer clay Christmas candy ornaments /



Step 4:

Follow the baking instructions on whatever clay you are using, and  “bake” your pieces of chocolate.


Step 5:

Now for the “icing” and fun, creative part!!   While your “chocolates” are baking, assemble your design pieces.   The photo below is great, because you can really see the glitter of the FIMO EFFECTS clay, and also how handy it is to have a couple of clay tools at your use. To make the icing look more opaque (like real icing is), we mixed the white clay together with the transparent clay.  As the photo also shows, this ornament will have a decorative sliver of icing underneath the holly leaves and berries.



Tutorial on how to make a clay piece of candy / bonbon / truffle Christmas ornament /



Step 6:

When the chocolate pieces are out of the oven and have cooled off, add your decorative icing.


Tutorial on how to make clay candy ornaments /



Again, follow the baking instructions for the clay you are using, and bake your finished chocolates on a baking sheet.   The icing will now be permanently attached!  You may wonder why we used the twice baked method.  Baking the “chocolate” pieces first made them easier to work with.  We didn’t need to worry about fingerprints or squishing the chocolates.  But if you’d rather assemble them all at once and only bake once, see if it works for you.


Step 7:

This step is optional, but we did paint a coat of clear varnish on all of our ornaments.  If you’re making the ornaments to sell at a craft show, etc., I would recommend sealing them.



Tutorial for clay Christmas candy ornaments /



Step 8:

Once the varnish is dry, hot glue your ornament into the baking cup.  You are now ready to “screw” in the eye hook, which should be fairly easy, as you already did a little pre-drill before baking.  We also added a dab of super glue to the eye hook, just to make sure it’s secure.  You can now attach the ribbon of your choice.


Tutorial on how to make polymer clay Christmas candy ornament /


So how cute would six or eight of these look in a little box??!    Perfect little gift for teachers, neighbors, etc. Besides hanging on the tree, they also look super sweet on packages.  And speaking of hanging on the tree:  FRIENDLY REMINDER!:  If you do make these ornaments, and you have toddlers and/or children that might be tempted to put them in their mouth … please be safe, and hang them out of their reach.   I’d love to know if you make any! Till next time.  Cynthia



How to make a clay Christmas candy / truffle / bonbon ornament /

For your convenience, I’ve included direct links to some of the products used for this project.  If a purchase is made, it’s possible I may receive a small commission, but this in no way affects your purchase price.  Please know I only share products I actually use and like.  Thank you for your support.  😀


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  1. These are adorable. I can’t wait to make some for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my, Cynthia I thought those were real and I was about to comment just how delicious they were. But lo and behold they are actually the cutest little Christmas ornaments. Pinning and sharing your adorable idea!

    • Thank you, Mary! They are cute, aren’t they? It was especially nice to craft with my daughter! 😀

  3. Wow these are totally fantastic Cynthia! They look so real, at first I thought this was a recipe post :). I am pinning them to my Christmas board. Have a wonderful week, Tara

    • Thanks for the pin, Tara. You could definitely craft these with your kids! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment today! 😀

  4. I seriously thought these were real, thanks for sharing these at Celebrate Your Story.

    • Thanks, Sandra! Thanks for also being such a gracious host! Cynthia

  5. You are so talented Cynthia! These are fabulous. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

    • Thanks, Kathleen! It’s always fun crafting with my daughter! Take care, Cynthia

  6. Adorable, Cynthia! Pinned to share. I was one of those people (Summer being my favorite season) that just couldn’t DO Christmas in July but now that the snow has already fallen in our area and the feeling of Christmas is in the air, I am embracing all things holiday! LOVE your chocolate ornaments ♥

    • Thanks, Marie! I can’t believe you have snow already. Or maybe that’s normal for your area? You’re right though … snow definitely puts you in the holiday spirit. Happy creating! Cynthia

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