Thrift Shop Flip #12 – Child’s Chalkboard Table and Chairs


Child's chalkboard table top and chair set /



Wow!  It has been a long time since I posted a Thrift Shop Flip!   I’ve been purposefully staying away from garage and estate sales, and it’s worked.  Our house is definitely less cluttered.  But sometimes I just need to paint a piece of furniture.   And I thought I deserved a treat after getting out of bed early on a rainy Saturday morning to teach a Zumba class.  My normal treat is a latte’, but this Saturday I was going to allow myself to stop at the first garage sale sign I saw.  (It’s the simple things in life, right?!)   LOL




A child's table and chair set is given a makeover with a custom mixed teal color and chalkboard paint/



Well thank goodness, this sweet table and chairs were front and center at my first stop.   I’d found my item to paint, and I wasn’t even tempted to look for anything else!



Garage sale find is waiting for it's makeover /




It’s cute, right?  The table and chairs were manufactured in Thailand, and they’re solid wood.   I think the top would look really pretty with a dark stain, but I went full kid on this set, and decided to give it a chalkboard top.   Could it be because my “baby” is in the throes of college applications, and will be leaving me next fall??   Possibly.   Most likely.  Who am I kidding??  Absolutely!!  Boo hoo.  🙁


When I have the “need” to paint something, I usually reach for milk paint.   It’s all natural so it’s safe to use indoors.   You mix it yourself, so you are in control of the consistency.   Do you like a thinner paint?  Add more water.  Thicker paint?  Add less.   It’s practically effortless painting, so you can keep one eye on Netflix, if you’re anything like me.   😉  The only prep I did for this makeover was to give the table and chairs a good cleaning with a strong mixture of vinegar and hot water, and I filled in some deep scratches with wood filler.



The green sharpie dictated my paint color for this project:



A child's hardwood table and chair set will be given a makeover with milk and chalkboard paint /



A  custom mix of Old Fashioned Milk Paint “OFMP” in Sea Green, Real Milk Paint in Carribean Blue, and OFMP in Snow White.    It’s a beautiful teal color, and I LOVED the variations in the color before I waxed it.    Was it blue? Was it green?    I knew the application of Daddy Van’s wax, (the lavender scent is heavenly!) would deepen the color, but I couldn’t leave the milk paint unprotected.   With two coats of wax, little artists’ fingerprints can easily be wiped away.




Custom mix of Old Fashioned Milk Paint "OFMP" /




I like to apply chalkboard paint with a high density foam roller.   Typically 4-5 coats.  Instructions on the  paint can: “Allow the paint to cure for 3 days before priming.”    I’ve made many chalkboards over the years, but I’m not sure I’ve ever waited three days before priming.  My life is a little CRA-ZY right now, so I ended up leaving the table for a whole week before seasoning / priming it.


It came to my attention via Hometalk, that some people aren’t exactly sure how or why you prime a chalkboard. If you’re unsure, I’ll show you!  To prime a chalkboard, you simply lay a piece of chalk on its side, and cover the entire board liberally with chalk.




Seasoning / priming a chalkboard for use /




I like to take this a step further, and also do this in the opposite direction.




Priming / seasoning a chalkboard /



Next, rub the chalk into the surface with a dry rag and then erase. Chalkboards are porous, so if you skip this step, you run the risk of having your first drawing permanently adhere to your chalkboard.   And we don’t want that, do we? 😀




How to properly prime / season a chalkboard /




Now you can wipe off the chalkboard dust and clean the surface with a wet rag.




How to properly season a chalkboard /




Voila!  Your chalkboard is officially open for business.




A plain table and chair set is given a makeover with chalkboard paint and a custom mixed color /



I had the cutest little model all lined up to come play for this post, but my little friend got sick.  Hopefully Master Cooper will feel better real soon!  But lucky for me, Floppy Puppy was available to fill in at the last minute.




A plain table and chair set is given a custom makeover with milk and chalkboard paint /




He looks pretty good for being 17 years old.   Must be all the love he received from Sweet Daughter over the years.  Booo hooo hooo!





Child's custom teal and chalkboard table and chair set /



Pollen and leaves were falling faster than I could shoot these pictures, but it was too pretty of a day to be inside!  Plus, I wanted to share Seattle’s Autumn Glory with you!!   Our leaves have been spectacular this year!!




A child's table and chair set is given a custom makeover with milk and chalkboard paint /



Sidebar:  Did you notice the patina on our fence??!!  It’s Gorgeous!  This photo made me LOL for two reasons.  My first thought was it looks like it was staged in a photographer’s studio, and the fence looks like a fake backdrop.   (I promise you, our leaves fall naturally at this house.)  And then my mind immediately went to dogs playing poker.  Does anyone else see that??!



Floppy Puppy doesn’t really need a chalkboard (he doesn’t have thumbs!!), so this set is for sale locally.  If interested, check out the “For Sale” tab above.   Cuddley dog not included!  And if you like this project, be sure to pin it for later.  Till next time,  Cynthia




A child's table and chair set is given a makeover with a custom mixed teal color and chalkboard paint/



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  1. HI Cynthia!
    That table is so darn cute! And seeing the stuffed puppy with it brings me back to the days when my kids very little a cute.
    I know that project was fun and it turned out beautiful. Nice job!

    • Thank you, Linda!! It was fun. I’m really starting to think I should only work on kids’ furniture, and then I won’t be tempted to keep them! LOL Thanks for being such a supportive friend. Happy Halloween to you and the kids, Cynthia

  2. The need to paint…I so get that, Cynthia! The table set is lovely and your choice of giving it a chalkboard top is perfect. The little guy sitting at it is ADORABLE!!! Pinned

    • Thank you, Marie. I know you realize that working with your hands soothes the soul. Floppy Puppy was one of my daughter’s lovies. How he stayed so clean in his long life, I’ll never know! Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Halloween to you!! (Not sure if Canadians celebrate Halloween? It was not a big holiday when we lived in the UK … until the Fingers moved in!) Take care, Cynthia

  3. Cynthia I’m looking at this now and thinking I must have had one back in the day. With so many kids and so much furniture you forget. Love how you’ve updated it, The chalkboard paint gives it a double purpose now. Beautiful color too.

    • Thank you, Mary! I’ve done quite a few of these sets over the years, but this custom milk paint color has to be my favorite. Let’s hope I can duplicate it for another project! Thanks so much for stopping by today, Cynthia

  4. This is beyond adorable! Pinned! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:)
    xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home

    P.S. I have a 17 year old daughter, too, and we’re in the same boat re: college applications. Aaarrgh!

    • Awwww, thank you, Kathleen. I remember we’re in the same boat. I think you posted an instagram pic with all your daughter’s college junk mail. Guess these schools don’t realize kids research everything online. Wait … those brochures are more likely for us! (I’m a sucker for a pretty campus!) LOL This too shall pass …. Cynthia

  5. Cynthia, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for our youngest grandson. He’s going to be 7 in March, so if I’m going to do this, I better get a move on it. Love your the way your Floppy puppy is filling in as a substitute.

    • Hi Carol! Yes, you better get on that! LOL I’ve always found great deals on tables and chairs at garage sales and Craigslist. And the quality is so much better than what you’d find in the shops. I’m sure he would love one his grandmother made for him! Thanks for stopping by today. Take care, Cynthia

  6. The cutest staged kids furniture I’ve seen in a while! Now that’s a money shot if ever I saw one! Nice job Cynthia love the adorable set too. Thanks for sharing it at #FridaysFurnitureFix. This project didn’t make feature this week but it will end up in a round up for sure! Too darn cute…

    • Thanks for the kind words, Brenda. It was such a shame my original “model” got sick. I know I could have gotten some cute pics for his Momma. Funny for you …. I listed the table on Offerup, and within minutes got a message asking if the leaves came with it. I thought it was funny, and told him sure, just bring a rake, but someone ended up reporting him! And I thought Craigslisters were crazy! LOL

  7. Wow! Beautiful transformation and what an adorable puppy. Would love for you to stop by and link this up to More The Merrier Monday.


    • Thank you, Jamie, and thanks for the invite. I’ll try to stop by next Monday! Thanks for stopping by today, Cynthia

  8. I’m sorry we didn’t get to “meet” Cooper, hope he’s all better by now. BUT, that puppy is what drew me in to this post. That face!

    I love the way this set turned out. I’ve done several like this, and need to do another real soon.

    Thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town Cynthia!


    • Thanks for the kind words, Gail. Oh the stories Floppy Puppy could tell. My daughter dragged him around for years, and he’s pretty special to her.
      They are great little sets, aren’t they? And such quick sellers. I’ll always pick them up if I come across a set.
      Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Gail! Cheers, Cynthia

  9. That is such a brilliant idea! It is sweet and practical, too. Just perfect for kiddos!

    • Thank you, Jelica. It is a sweet set, isn’t it? A very nice gentleman bought it for his first grandchild, so it’s definitely been given new life. Thanks for stopping by today, Cynthia

  10. Hello, Thanks for linking up to More the Merrier Monday. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be linking up next week….

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