A Quick Use for Left Over Milk Paint – Thrift Shop Flip No. 11

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company provided me with the product to complete this furniture makeover, so this is technically a sponsored post.  However, we all know I love, and have been painting with milk paint for years.  FYI, I do not retail paint, nor am I paid a commission if a purchase is made.    😀



A quick use for left over Old Fashioned Milk Paint / Clockworkinteriors.com



Hello friends!  Quick project to share with you today.  I’m calling this the Garage Sale Chair.   Not because it came from a garage sale, although it most likely did.  😀   I’m calling it the Garage Sale Chair because I painted it during a lull in garage sale customers.    And I decided to share it with you today to reiterate just how quick and easy it is to paint with milk paint!



Garage sale chair quickly painted with leftover OFMP / Clockworkinteriors.com



(And, yes, that is a Seattle Seahawks Wagon!  So cute!!)



As mentioned, there was a lull in garage sale customers, and no one was interested in this all wood, colonial looking chair that I had priced at a whopping $3.   I was bored, so I decided to paint the chair with leftover Old Fashioned Milk Paint from my serpentine dresser.  And when I say quick, I mean it.   We’re talking less than ten minutes here.   (FYI:  I’ve stored leftover milk paint in my refrigerator for a couple of weeks, and have never had a problem with it.)



An old chair is given a quick coat of leftover milk paint during a garage sale lull / Clockworkinteriors.com



After the sale, I gave the chair another quick coat and lots of chipping started.   Projects like a simple chair are the perfect opportunity to experiment.  With it’s dark color, I wanted to see how much Daddy Van’s dark wax would deepen the color.   One coat was all it took, and I love how deep, dark and rich it looks.  This $3 chair is a winner.



A garage sale chair is given a quick makeover with left over OFMP / Clockworkinteriors.com



It kept me from being bored during a garage sale (which I say “never again”!); I was able to use up old product; I experimented with wax finishes; and now I have extra seating in our living room that goes rather nicely with Hubby’s clocks!



An old chair gets a quick makeover with left over OFMP / Clockworkinteriors.com



Are you ready to give milk paint a try?



A garage sale chair is given a very quick makeover with OFMP / Clockworkinteriors.com



I’m here and happy to answer any questions you may have!   Told you … quick post and an even quicker project!   Hope you have a wonderful week, Cynthia


p.s.  Doesn’t every long case clock need it’s own mouse??!



Mouse created by The Ruffled Raven / Deviant Art / Clockworkinteriors.com



Of course this is my daughter’s creation.    She stuck it in my Christmas stocking a couple years ago, and he’s been hanging around ever since.   He makes me happy!   😀



Clock Mouse created by The Ruffled Raven / Deviant Art for Clockworkinteriors.com



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A quick use for left over Old Fashioned Milk Paint / Clockworkinteriors.com



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16 Responses

  1. Linda C in seattle

    Love what you created with this little chair!
    I have one very similar. I paid 2 hundred for in a antique store,
    over 30 years ago. I think it’s time for a update.

    • Hi Linda! My chair is all wood, but it’s a reproduction. Please check the value of your chair before you paint it. I’m all for the power of paint, but I think I’d have a hard time painting a valuable antique. That said, it’s your chair, and you absolutely have the right to do what makes YOU happy! 😀 Have a wonderful day, Cynthia

  2. Ok I have a question Cynthia. Why did it start to chip when you applied the second coat? Is it because it had some sort of sealant underneath? And if you don’t want chipping should you sand it all the way down first? Btw, it looks great, I mean really great. I’m just trying to figure out how milk paint works.

    • Hi Mary! I’ll answer you here, but will send you an email, as well. First off, I did not sand this chair at all … I actually painted it during a garage sale! If I wanted to help control chipping, I could have added “Extra Bond” to the paint. Because milk paint is mixed with water, the water/paint in the second coat activated the chipping process, which I wanted. Milk paint is very unpredictable. This paint was left over from my serpentine dresser (which I didn’t sand) and there was 0 chipping. Hope this helps. So happy that you have joined us! Cynthia

  3. Cynthia, I love, love, love chairs painted black! And chalk paint makes it even better! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm Party #66! xoKathleen

    • Thank you, Kathleen! The chair was actually painted with left over milk paint, which is my favorite paint to use 😀

  4. Cynthia. I have an old piece that I will try experimenting on. I don’t usually do the chippy look but I really like how yours turned out. Anyway it will be fun to experiment.

    • Hi Mary! Remember you can always add the bonding agent! I just painted a black piece with zero chipping — it works. Looking forward to your projects. Have fun! Cynthia

  5. I am so long overdue to try my hand at projects like this. Your posts are very inspirational and thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for hosting, Sandra! It’s always a pretty party. Take care, Cynthia

  6. What a great makeover and use for leftover milk paint !

    • Thank you, Elise! Glad you stopped by today. You have a lovely name. 😀 My daughter’s middle name is Elise, named after her grandfather, Eli. Take care, Cynthia

  7. Turned out so cute- thanks for linking up at FNF!

    • Thank you, Courtney, and thanks for hosting FNF. It’s a beautiful party — every week. Take care, Cynthia

  8. I always love new ideas on how I can use up my leftover paint! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing this on the Farmhouse Friday link party!

    • Cynthia

      Thanks, Michelle! Just make sure to store it in the fridge. I’ve kept some as long as 2 weeks, and it was fine! Take care, Cynthia

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